Sensory impairment

Sensory Impairment in Patients


Useful links for hearing loss/deaf patients:



is a chartity dedicated to making sure deaf people get the same sort of access as hearing people to healthcare and health information.



Provide British Sign Language (BSL) video interpreting services to enable communication between deaf BSL users in the UK and hearing people. This happens through a professional video interpreter who relays the call between BSL and England. This service is available instantly on tablets, smartphones, computers and laptops via apps and software.


There are other BSL interpreting services that you can also get help and advice from:


Action on Hearing Loss -

Is the Royal National Charity helping people confronting deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss to live the life they choose.


If you would like any further information regarding sensory impairments or if a patient is finding they are struggling to live with their sight or hearing loss, please contact/refer onto:


Text Relay and Next General Test (NG)


This has taken over from TextDirect and Typetalk. Test relay is a group of relay assistants waiting to relay phone conversations between a text-user and a phone-user. When making a phone call a text-user ‘talks’ by typing to the relay assistant who speaks their words to the phone-user and then the relay assistant types the phone-user’s spoken reply to the text-user


Further Reading:


You can find the Access information standards at: -


If you have a query or require any further information about struggling with sight or hearing loss, please contact:


Equipment, Adaptations & Sensory Impairment Services

Telephone: 01226 775800